Bill Henderson 1/98

Images from Bill Henderson

Dated 2/98

Here are some of the pixs of our recording session for the motion picture "Mortal Kombat the Annihilation" During this 8 hour session we recorded lots of effects, Some of the effects can be heard in the up and coming episodes of "Voyager and Deep Space 9" star trek shows, you can tell the real coil sound effects from the regular library effects(Sound Ideas etc.). The pictures are self explanatory, the mixer/editors were behind what we called the shark tank for protection, the microphones were incased in a copper mesh faraday cage to eliminate any static etc. from being recorded on the mics. and dat recorders. All the effects were recorded clean as a whistle, we recorded everything from heavy current jacobs ladders to capacitor discharges. Some of the effects were greater than 130 decibels. If you have any questions regarding the pixs just e-mail me. I'll send you some of the ladder pixs in a few days Also, here are a few of the jacob's ladder. At the top of the ladder the plasma is about 24" to 28" across and about 2" in dia.,pulling around 200 to 300 on the amprobe. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

This is a picture of my 18,000 watt coil. This coil has seen alot of use over the years, we recorded this coil for the film "Mortal Kombat". All of the lightning sound effects in the movie were from this coil. Later the sounds were manipulated in a digital workstation. All the visual sparks & bolts were done with "CG" computer graphics,

The coil dimensions are 65" x 35" this doesn't include the height of about 7' to the toroid.