Chuck Curran's coil description Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 17:30:54 -0500

Hello All:

Attached is a shot that I took of my coil on 7/6/97. I finally have a standard mechanical camera, an Agfa, that I used to take this photo. I used ASA 400 film, f5.6 and a 4 second exposure.

Last Friday night Bert Hickman and Michael Bauer and their wives came here to see it run, after a tour of where I work. I got to show them all the magnet wire at work, maybe they'll get the urge to wind another coil! We had a great time discussing Coiling. The system is now very stable with 3 minute runs followed by a cool down period being the present mode of operation. I do have to readjust the stationary electrodes in my rotary due to some minor erosion, but the rotary moving electrodes are quite happy. That's all. This is my second attempt to post this, the first one must have gone the wrong way! Hope it doesn't end up on the list twice.

Chuck Curran