Current Mailing List Images

Current Mailing List Images

Updated 8/10/2017

Started 1/1998

Steve White's coil pictures 8/17

Bill Wysock's Model 5 Brochure pages:

Coupling capacitors

Thomas Ryckmans' coil pictures

Richard Quick's lab in the middle of nowhere 2/08

Harold Weiss' picture of Dr. R's Bruiser 9/07

Bart Anderson's 555 timer image from friend 8/07

Scott Hanson's night tesla coil pictures 8/07

Rich Winder's night tesla coil pictures 8/07

Teslathon stuff for sale 8/07

Trevor Keast's picture of his tesla coil 8/07

Gary Peterson's contributed picture of Tesla transmitter and receiver 8/07

Jim Zimmerscheid's pictures 8/07

K.C. Herrick's pictures 5/07

Gates Larocque's pictures 2/07

D.C. Cox's pictures 4/07

Peter Birk's pictures 10/06

Chip Atkinson's rolled capacitor pictures 03/03

Barry Benson's pictures 03/03

Aron and Justin's pictures 05/01

Sam Beck's coil 01/01

Bob Kibler's coil 01/01

Tristan Stewart's coil 7/98

Richard Burnett's coil 3/03

Robert Stephen's coil 3/03

Ed Sonderman's coil 7/98

James Burgess' coil 1/98

Dwight Duncan's pictures 3/98

Bill Henderson's pictures 2/98

Max's Pictures 5/98

Image from John Freau 1/98

Images from Gary Weaver 1/98

Images of Capacitor Documents 1/98

Images of Mazzilli Vladimiro's coil 9/98

More images of Mazzilli Vladimiro's coil and Schematics for tube coils 06/27/01

Images of Rodney Davies' and his coil 1/98

Images of Bert Pool's Coil from 4/97

Images of Bert Pool's Coil from 7/97

Images of Chuck Curran's Coil from 7/97

Images of Greg Leyh's monster coil. Two image maps now available. (12/9/97)

Images of Peter Ledlie's Coil from 8/22/97

Images of George Ensley's Coil from 8/26/97

Images of Jeffery B. Mullins' Coil from 8/26/97

Images from Dave Huffman 3/98

Images of Sandy's air blast gap 9/22/97

Images of subscriber's beer bottle cap 10/28/97

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