Peter Ledlie 8/26/97

Images of Peter Ledlie's Coil

Dated 8/22/97


I used to be a member of your fine list, and gathered a lot of great information from the postings. I own a BTC3, but had always wanted something larger. The problem was, I don't have the electrical backround necesary to build one, so I contacted Scott Myers from the list, and asked if he would be willing to build one for me. He agreed, and we spent a few weeks kicking back and forth different designs etc, until we settled on one. The coil is being shipped next week, so soon I'll have something a bit larger than my little one. :-) He has stressed all along the need to be carefull, and I know that I'll be talking with him, and checking things over several times before I crank it up.

I thought you might be interested, so I attached a photo of it. I think he did a beautifull job ( It's a 6" coil ) Maybe I can convince Scott to post an article on the construction and crating/shipping (no small matter!) of the coil.

Peter Ledlie

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