Page title Hello all,

I'd like to share this simple gap design with you.

I think it has some very nice qualities (in addition to being simple in design/construction)

I've enclosed it in the plywood container for noise / radiation containment, which can be exhaust vented for ozone .

The air pressure runs from 30 - 160 p.s.i.g. The electrodes are aluminum ---- 3/4 " round stock The axial hole dia. is .125 " The gap is adjusted quite close ---- in the order of 1/16 -- 1/4 " @ ANY input voltage (I've run as high as 30 K.V. @< 1 cm. gap )

The R.F. quickly pits the electrodes ---- creating many "jumping-off" points for elect conduction . The high pressure air quickly blows the spark to the outer portions of the electrode and then forms a "long path" from electrode to electrode ---- which is self extinguishing as the potential begins to fall toward the zero cross-over point. The point of conduction/quench is regulated by air pressure/gap spacing.

The vaporized aluminum (what there is of it ) does not seem to create any kind of power arc ---- I've run these @ 10 - 12 KVA with no heating or other problems (assuming adequate air pressure/flow)

The design seems to be quite forgiving to neon trannies too !

I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions or ----(brickbats --> :>)

Happy sparkin'