1) (vladi1,vladi3,vladi4,vladi5,vladi6,tcconv1,tcconv2).jpg

First version of spark gap TC: Xformer: 2x6kV 50mA NST in series, Capacitor: 24x25nF 10kV polypropylene film foil series/parallel for 16.6nF 60kV total, single spark gap, pfc corrected. 23" max spark length. Second version will have a flat spiral copper tube primary and 12kV 200mA NST multiple SG.

2) (mosfet1,mosfet2,mosfet3,mosfet4,mosfet5,mosfet6,mosfet8,mosfet9,mosfet10).jpg

Self tuning resonant mosfet TC, Half bridge configuration 4xIRF460 Mosfet, 64x3.3nF 2kV MKP capacitor for resonance, 200KHz c.a working frequency, modulation selectable half or full mains wave envelope, forced air cooling.

3) (mosfeta1,mosfeta2,mosfeta3,mosfeta4,mosfeta5).jpg

A smallest version (see ruler) of mosfet TC. The pluggable resonator makes it portable to experiment at a friend's home. Envelope only full wave rectified mains.

4) (ubjt,ubjt2).jpg

Micro version (see ruler) Clapp oscillator with one hi voltage bipolar transistor, the input is dimmed by a triac and the envelope is half or full rectified mains wave. 4MHz frequency operating.

5) (utube,utube2).jpg

Micro version (see ruler) of tube TC 600KHz operating freq. envelope: full or half rectified mains wave. Tube 1xPL504.

6) (tctube1,tctube2,tctube3).jpg

3x807 (now 3xPE0640N) VTTC. 6" half (at max plate current)wave beautiful brush discharge.

7) (mvc003f,arostube1,valvola).jpg

First model of single EL519 VTTC, Second version is: 10" spark with single EL519 tube.

8) (813,tescomp,mvc044f, and now, 813_primary and 813_secondary).jpg

components to make 2x813 VTTC (the exact text is the one just posted)

9) (mvc019f,mvc045f,sov1b,4c100,GU81_2,5c110_1,gk71-5,4c100&813).jpg

Tube for build VTTC similar to John Freau type

10) mvc009f.jpg

Lightning Ball made with a 300W incandescent lamp filled with argon at 200mm Hg and fyback hv generator.

Current images:
813.jpg Mvc-003f.jpg Mvc-009f.jpg Mvc-019f.jpg Mvc-044f.jpg
Mvc-045f.jpg 4c100.jpg arostube1.jpg 4c100813.jpg 5c110_1.jpg
813_primary.jpg mosfet1.jpg mosfet10.jpg mosfet2.jpg mosfet3.jpg
mosfet4.jpg mosfet5.jpg mosfet6.jpg mosfet8.jpg mosfet9.jpg
mosfeta1.jpg mosfeta2.jpg mosfeta3.jpg mosfeta4.jpg mosfeta5.jpg
sov1b.jpg tcconv1.jpg tcconv2.jpg tctube1.jpg tctube2.jpg
tctube3.jpg tescomp.jpg ubjt.jpg ubjt2.jpg utube.jpg
utube2.jpg valvola.jpg vladi1.jpg vladi3.jpg vladi4.jpg
vladi5.jpg vladi6.jpg 813_secondary.jpg