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> I am still designing and have some questions:
> I have been reading the discussion on rolled capacitors for the primary.  60
> mil polyethylene has been mentioned.  Is this the same material you can buy
> at the hardware store - like for covering your windows in the winter?  That
> stuff is usually clear.  I thought someone mentioned it should be milky

The transparent plastic used for windows is "soft" pvc..

Be careful on buying the plastic - the salesman may not know what he
is selling - I did notice the fact of the fore-metioned plastic
being pvc (and not pe) by measuring the di-electric constant - the
salesman did sell it as ld-pe!! 

btw: As a sidenote, there is an archive of tesla-related information
available via anonymous-ftp in nic.funet.fi (alias ftp.funet.fi)
in directory /pub/sci/electrical/tesla. You can find files about
cap-building there.


  Kristian Ukkonen.