Re: Transformers

> Is there a good source for high voltage transformers?  I can only find
> 15,000v 30ma used neon sign transformers for about $35.00.  One guy says he
> can get me a 15,000v 60ma transformer for $75.00 - used of course.  Is this a
> good deal?
> Thanks,  Ed Sonderman

Jefferson Electric in Melrose Park, Illinois (a manufacturer) quoted me a
price (new) of $220.00 for a 15KV, 60ma. unit.  This is list price.  I
suspect that the distributor would offer a somewhat better price.  List for
the "High Efficiency" unit is $290.77.  This probably has power correction
caps installed.

Midwest Neon Supply in Chicago quoted me $104.65 for a France model 1260, 
12KV at 60 ma.  That sounds like a good price for a new unit.