design questions

You say the Tesla Design Manual is not much good.  OK - I will design with
your and others' input from this list.  I have a pretty good start from the
last few weeks discussion.  I hope you don't mind, but this means several
more questions.

Spark gap - I had planned to make this from brass screws or rods turned down
to points on the ends.  I saw a comment from someone where you mentioned
holes in the face ends?  Instead of points?  What diameter?

On the primary, with 3/8 copper tubing - is 7/8 centers ok?  This leaves 1/2
inch air gap between windings.

I need a discussion on EMI & RFI filtering.  I know I need a good isolated
ground.  What size wire to the ground rod?  #12 AWG ok?  I plan to connect
one side of the primary to the lower end of the secondary.  I think I still
need an RF choke in series with the other output from the transformer.  Got
any good design ideas here?  15,000v probably 60ma transformer.  Do I need a
small (300 to 500pf) capacitor from the output to ground also?  Do I need RF
chokes in series with the 120V AC line to the transformer?  What design
parameters?  I had planned to put .01mf 1000v ceramic capacitors from each AC
line input to ground - OK?

I understand your plans on the torroid.  How do you mount it to the
secondary?  On a plastic spacer?  How tall?  How do you make the electrical
connection to the secondary?

I have seen the schematic drawn with the spark gap in two different places.
 I plan to connect the transformer directly to the primary and to ground on
one side.  The other side connects to the primary coil through the capacitor
with the spark gap on the side of the capacitor that is connected to the
transformer.  i.e. the spark gap is across the output terminals of the
transformer (after the RF choke if we use one).  Is this what you reccommed?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman