Re: Cap testing

        OK,  here's a question,  and I hope I describe it correctly.

        I just got my first coil working,  with the help of everyones postings,
(thank you).

        I wound the secondary on regular PVC pipe (4 in. diameter),  which I
know now is somewhat of a no-no.  The question is:  the winding stops about
4inches from the top of the pipe.  There is one sweeping wind from the end
of the tight winding up to the top,  where the discharge terminal is.  Does
this spread out the capacitance along this long wind,  and away from the
terminal.  I have noticed that there is corona all along this wind,  and the
sparks seem to get stronger near the tight winding.

        I am planning to cut off the rest of the pipe anyway,  but I am
curious as to whether my intuition is correct (allthough I doubt it).

        Any kind responses are appreciated.

                                        Thank you