insulators, resonance, etc

(browsing thru some of the old files...)

> DK> The mind boggles at what might happen if Man could induce
> DK> enough in there to make significant circulating currents
> DK> happen...visions of melting iron ore veins and such...
> DK> volcanoes erupting and all at the utter extreme...

>There would be no "induction", "circulating currents" or
>disturbances. Tesla saw the earth as a giant resonator when
>electricity at the properly tuned frequencies was conducted into
>it. As a conductor floating in space it is nearly perfectly
>insulated, so it would be very low loss.
	Loss is a function of reistance, for lack of a better word.  (in
	electrical discussions...).  A good conductor well insulated, will be
	low loss.  A poor conductor well insulated will be lossy.
	(all assuming AC/RF Currents.  If "dc" (isolated charged terminal,
	ala van de Graff, etc, then resistance less significant.)

>Electrical energy conducted through the crust (not induced) would remain as a
>resonate standing wave (as opposed to a circulating current).
	Electrical energy conducted thru the earth dissipates[1] rapidly.  Sea
	water is not bad.  Pure water/fresh water is lossy.  Resistance of
	"soil" varies all over the lot.  (pun.  ha.)  Its relatively easy to
	measure the resistance of any patch of soil.

	By dissipates, i means loses energy, not just spreads out...