Re: Toroid forms

> Does anyone know where I can purchase toroid coil forms in the 2.0 
> to 3.0 inch diameter range?  Needed for RF chokes.

This might not be of any help to you, and it's also partly a question, but 
I have seen surplus 60Hz current transformers at hamfests that were 
that size or a little larger for a couple of bucks.  At the time, I bought 
one to use as a current transformer, and being the curious type, I took it 
apart to see how it was made.  It was essentially wire wound around 
some type of ferrite toroid, and recently I started wondering if that type 
of toroid would be useful as RF chokes?  In other words, is a ferrite 
toroid simply a ferrite toroid, or are they somehow tuned for a 
particular frequency?

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)