Re: Tesla coil design


I was playing with a tesla coil design program and also reading the postings.
These made me wonder about calculating values such as the inductance of 
the secondary and conical primary coils.  

The program mentioned that there were other contributing factors besides the 
number of turns, radius, and length of the coil.  My question is should I 
just calculate the inductance of the secondary based on turns, diameter/radius,
and length, and forget about the exact inductance figures?  In other words,
can I used the classic solenoid inductance formula as a ball-park type figure
and then get the coil in tune experimentally, or am I doomed to fail without
greater precision?

The second question is in the same vein as the first.  Do I just calculate the
inductance of a conical primary as if it was flat and just allow extra turns
for tuning?