General questions

I am still designing and have some questions:

I have been reading the discussion on rolled capacitors for the primary.  60
mil polyethylene has been mentioned.  Is this the same material you can buy
at the hardware store - like for covering your windows in the winter?  That
stuff is usually clear.  I thought someone mentioned it should be milky
white, not clear.  Do you buy it from a plastic distributor?  Do you use
regular aluminum foil like for cooking?  If my calculations are correct, with
ten inch wide foil, you would need 22.3 feet for a .02mf capacitor.  Does
this sound about right?  This would be three strips of poly (about 14.0
inches wide?) and two strips of foil.  All rolled up in a tight roll.  And
then what, tie it to keep it tight?  This roll then gets submerged in oil in
a plastic container?  What is the approximate finished diameter?  I would
guess this capacitor will have as much or more inductance than the primary
coil winding.  

Does anyone know where I can buy only about 2000 ft of #22 double formvar
coated magnet wire.  My local distributor wants me to buy 10 lbs. minimum -
for about $100.00.

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman  esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com