RQ> Never use points for spark gap.

Ok, I will build two cylinder spark gaps and run them in series.

RQ> Nahh, I would go with 1/4 or 3/8 spacing between primary turns.

Ok, I will go with 3/8.

RQ> For every bushing connected to a coil circuit you should place a ferrite
core RF choke in series.

I understand this is necessary to save the transformer (I lost one on my
first coil).  Do you have any design details or construction ideas on these?
 I have not seen any yet.

RQ>  You need to look at another circuit.

I understand I need to disconnect the secondary from ground and add another
RF choke to the second transformer output.  And add a safety gap.  Other than
these two changes, I think our two circuits are the same.

How much space between the contacts and the center ground is recommended for
a 12kv transformer on the safety gap?  About one half inch?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman