Transformer oil

  For everyone's information, if your interested Transformer oil can be had
 in small quantities. The American Radio Relay League sometime ago, did a
 study on insulating/cooling oils for a RF dummy load they were designing.
 They discovered that Transformer oil can't be bought in anything less than
 55 gal. drums, BUT that Transformer oil is re-packaged and sold as Turbine
 oil. Its marketed under the name of REGAL OIL R&O #46 by the Texaco oil

  I comes in 5 gal. cans and sells for about $22.00 for 5 gal. I've used this
 oil in all my capacitors etc. and have had no problems at all. At least for
 myself, its cheaper than mineral oil.

                                   Mark Graalman TCBA #1399



... Alias, Mark the spark
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12