RE: DC transformer

>  MN> The DC transformer I mentioned in my previous post is rated 
>  MN> at 1.5 MA. It is set up with a complete control circuit, 
>  MN> including a switch, a small variac, a meter, and RF chokes and 
>  MN> bypass caps across the primary and ground lugs.  The primary is 
>  MN> 118 VAC, 50-500 CPS.  I can make a Jacob's ladder from this?  
>  MN> One side + and the other - ?  If that works I expect it would 
>  MN> require a dedicated ground or could it be filtered back into  
>  MN> the house ground?  
> Oh, you did not mention before that this was a DC power supply. 
> While it is possible to make a Jacob's Ladder from this, I doubt
> if the secondary amperage is sufficient to make it decent. I wonder
> if there are ideas from anybody else on what this might have been, or 
> what it can be used for? [RQ]

I can't say that I'm an expert on this but it really sounds like a
"spark-coil" (aka induction coil or oudin coil) used for testing
leaks in a vacuum system.. It was after all from a person who works
with vacuum systems, right? 

btw: Does the 110VAC go directly to the "x-former" or is there some
system (either mechanical or electrical oscillator) to pulse the
current that goes to the primary coil? Most of the older spark-coils
use a mechanical "switching" scheme..


  Kristian Ukkonen.