Re: World views...

>t the risk of being blunt, unless one understands what one is programming
>   one is in deep trouble.  (and, to be fair, the programmer _is_ asking)
>Its not hard to come up with a a program to spin some numbers.  The
>trick is to have them mean something.

It's even easier to look down your nose at something without even offering
any helpful advice, isn't it? Do *you* know what series resistance is?

Next time I ask a question about something I'm trying to do to make life
little easier for people, I'll be sure and put in a disclaimer saying that
if a person can't help, don't bother answering with negative egoisms.

Also, that question was posted for me as a favor by a tesla-friend. Thanks
for rewarding his effort this way. I'm sure he'll be anxious to help
others now that you have pointed out the foolishness of my question.
In the future, I'll ask him to run them by you first to make sure I don't
cause anyone any further embarrassment by accidently revealing my
engineering shortcomings or pitiful lack of programming abilities. Thank
you for enlightening me.

Daniel A. Kline <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu>