Different Drummers

re: Models:
	Yep.  Useful tools.  Like all tools, they have there limits.  I trust
	them if the results work, and to the xtent that they work.  If i find
	false assumptions, the reliability moves down a notch.

	And I DO believe "we" can and do "know things" at a fundamental level.
	Sometimes te linkage from that fundamental level up to where the real
	world is is missing a few rungs.

re Series Resistance:

	'scuse me?  I DID say that the programmer was doign the right thing
	to ask.  I declined to guess what "series resistance" was since:
	A) Richard Q had already declined.  As noted, i respct his knowledge.
	b) I did not know the context it was used in.  I can think, off hand
		Straight dc resistance of the wire.
		Same, adjusted for skin effect at the frequency of operation
	"series" might also refer to series resonance, in which case it might
	be the equivalent resistance of a series resonant circuit.

	If the context could be provided, i could rovide an opinion.

re perfectly conducting earth and "radio engineers"

	The DR Corum I met was a PhD in Emag.  A Radio Engineer, of the higher
	level.  I do not recall his comments on how closely the earth is
	modelled by "perfectly conducting".

(hopefully Flame Free)

	This may be a DUMB IDEA.

	I was wandering thru the local HW store.  Noticed some stovepipe,
	including elbows.  Hmmmmmm.  Would they work?  The outside is not
	particuarly smooth, so there would be corona loss, unless the leakage
	created a psuedo electrode of ionized air...