About to begin anew...

Hello all!

I am about to begin begin my 7th Tesla-coil. After reading this list
for awhile, and seeing all of the new insights manifested here, I would
like this coil to be the very best so far. All of my designs in the past
used the old methods, and while I get good results, I can't say that I've
ever gotten the _great_ results all of you write about. With all of this in
mind, here is what I have to work with:

2) 15 kV 60 mA neon transformers for 15 kV -at- 120 mA input
1) 0.02 microF 120 kV military surplus capacitor
1) roll of 1/4 inch (.635 cm.) copper tubing for the primary
8) 18 inch x 1/8 inch (46 cm. x 3 mm) Aluminum plates for a series quenched gap
1) roll of 24-gauge magnet-wire, polyurethane and polyamide coated
1) PVC pipe, 10 inches (25.4 cm) in diameter, and 43 inches (109 cm) long
1) 12 inch (30.5 cm) non-magnetic, stainless-steel discharge electrode
   (This is shaped like a toroid with plates on the top and bottom, or like
    a dough-nut without the hole. It is very smooth, with a very gradual
    curve to it. It's about 4 inches (10 cm.) thick. It is hollow, btw)

I have always spaced the wire turns in all of the larger coils, but now I read
that this may not be necessary. I even biult a kind of lathe that cuts threads
in the forms in the desired spacing. Should I junk this machine?

If any one of you had this same equipment and wanted to build a coil, what
special considerations would you take?

I'm not a novice, so don't hold back on vocabulary :)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Dan Kline <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu>