In browsing thru some of the old files Chip has shared, a question of
		"wotsa Octave?"
	came up.

	While we mostly think of an Octave in terms of Music, the use in
	technical discussion occurs.  Despite its name (OCTave), it represents
	a 2-1 span in frequency.  Thus from 100 to 200 Hz is one Octave.  from
	200 to 400 Hz is an Octave.  From 150 to 300 is an Octave.

	Musical practice (which need not otherwise concern us) has certain
	convetional starting points for the doubling, based on tones.  But
	an Octave is just a way of saying "a two to one span in frequency".

	Engeineer typesa re mor elikley to speak of "a decade" and mean a ten
	to one span.  I believe the OCT in Octave comes from the musical habit
	od subdividing it into 8 pieces, each of which is a note...