Re: De-Rating 'Powerstat' Variacs

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>Subject: De-Rating 'Powerstat' Variacs
>Hi All,
>I just grabbed three three-phase Powerstat Variacs in another impulsive
>buy(Just another hole in the belt...thats all they cost! :)). The problem is,
>how much should I de-rate a 60Hz variac when used in 50Hz service? 

Technically, 50/60 of voltage. Now for 400Hz to 50Hz that is
significant, for 60Hz to 50Hz: don't worry about it.

In somebodies post last week (memory here) they were asking about a 5A
variac. Richard (?) replayed that it should be good for 10 or 15 amps
in short term TC operation.

Just let your finely calibrated nose tell you when it is time to let
it cool!