Parts source in northern Ohio

Hi All

On the way back to Detroit from the Hamvention in Dayton today I took a 
few minutes and stopped at A.R.E. Electronic Surplus in Findlay, OH. For 
those who live in SE Michigan or northern Ohio It would be worth a stop 
if you have time. For those that don't know ARE, they have large 
quantities of electronic parts and instruments. Prices are not the 
greatest but there is a lot of stuff to sort thru.....high power relays, 
breakers, wire, meters, hardware xformers, variacs, etc., etc.
They will send a catalog if you call or write but the catalog is far from 

A.R.E. Electronic Surplus
15272 St. Rt. 12 East
Findlay, OH 45840
Tel: 419 422 1558

If you are going to visit, call them when you get off I-75 and get their 
directions. It can be very confusing.