Coilers -at- Dayton

Hi All,

With the date rapidly approaching I was wondering who is planning
to be at Dayton, and who if any have rented spaces in the fleamarket 
and if so what are the booth numbers.

I have a suggestion that may help us find each other in case we miss 
any appointed rendezvous and that it that we all wear a standard 
white file card (3.5 x 5 inch?) pinned to out lapel with the word 
Tesla drawn large and legibly in dark felt pen.  Believe me, this 
will NOT make us look silly there!  A small Tesla coil sticking out 
of your hat would also work?

My own plans are to drive down Thursday and hopefully find parking in 
the lot across the street and down from the arena.  I'll keep a Tesla 
sign in the front window of my black Safari minivan for 

So far I've only seen posts from Scott Myers, Kevin Conkey, and Glenn 
Cerny.  Anyone else?

Live better...electrically!, rwstephens