Re: Mineral oil

> Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 08:53:10 EDT
> From: SROYS <SROYS-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu>
> To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> Subject: Re: Mineral oil
> If you're in a rural area, you could also try your local farm and tractor
> supply store.  I've seen mineral oil sold in 10 gal buckets for laxative
> purposes, but I don't remember the store or the price.
> Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)

Could I please have some clarification of the term "mineral oil".
Exactly what is it?  My most informed guess is hydrocarbon based
oil as commonly used for lubrication in internal combustion engines,
called "engine oil" or "motor oil" (but not generally "mineral oil" here
in Australia).

But, as Sol says: "Oils ain't oils".
What types of oil or liquids (eg. transformer oil) are the best for
'Tesla' applications such as dielectrics, insulation, air exclusion,
and what are their notable properties?
What are the cost / benefit trade-offs?  What about the effect of
additives (including water and air) ?

Very curious in the antipodes,
Glenn Baddeley <gbaddele-at-vitgssw.telecom-dot-com.au>
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia