Re:Humid atmosphere

Question was:-

>like to pose another question. How much effect does atmospheric conditions
>play on arc length? I'm looking for generalizations as to humidity, air
pressure. altitude won't I get a long streamer? Some of you guys must have
experience operating coils in different locations.
>I hope I never stop learning.

I am in Kuala Lumpur with a big six foot coil trying to demonstrate it to
the locals. Inside an air conditioned building I only got 2ft sparks and
attributed this to the high humidity. The air con greatly reduces the
humidity but it is still very high.

The next demonstration was outdoors in the tropical jungle in a temperature
of 34 deg C and humidity over 60%. I got only 4inch sparks in this humidity.
I think the answer to your question is that the humidity kills the sparks.

I was hoping someone might be able to tell me how to make the arc travel
through the humid atmosphere as a six ft coil with 4inch sparks is very
embarrasing. I also have a 14" desk top coil which also makes 4 inch sparks.
I noticed the same thing with the Van-Der-Graaf generator. In the jungle
atmosphere my 30 inch dome machine could not manage more than 1/4 inch
spark.Is there any way round this problem or am I going to appear as the
foreign failure to Kuala Lumpur.

It appears that the amount of power you put into any arc is irrelevant in
high humidity, you only get small arcs. Is there any theory on this
anywhere. There is also no corona.

Paul Millott.

If at first you don't succeed, hit it with a bigger hammer.