Re: VOMs

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>  The VOM is fast disappearing from 
>the scene, much to my disgust, because the metered movement allows a bit 
>of optical integration that the DMM just can't do, period. 
I'm glad to see others prefer analog meters. 99.9% of the time no one
needs 4 digits of accuracy, and the analog meters are faster for
general use. note: I'm a digital engineer by profession and I still
like the analog meters for general use!

>Be adived that one single inadvertent check of a cap with a charge 
>remaining on it will destroy a modern, digital LCR meter.  The older tube 
>units just laugh at such little faux pas on the part of the experimenter.
Tubes may be out of fashion, big, hot, BUT THEY ARE ROBUST!

After running my TC for a month or 2, the sad thought occurred to me:
I wondered if ANY of the ICs in my garage still work?


	BSEE, teethed on tubes(in grade school), now doing ICs.