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Hello everyone!

Chip Atkinson added me to this list a few days ago.

This looks like just what I want! Info on coil construction without
all of the white noise and off topic posts of the USA tesla list
that I have been reading.

When I was about 10 years old a school field trip to a museum that 
had a large Tesla coil started me on a path that led to a job working 
with electronics and computers.

Last fall I was talking to my friend Dave Stevick and we decided that 
now was the time to build our own coil. It's been the most enjoyable 
electronic project in years!

It's a suprise that a circuit with such simple construction can have 
so many hidden complexities.

I recently set up our small coil at the High School where I work and 
did some demonstrations. I hope this "sparks" some interest and gets 
some kids interested in electronics.

I have some problems with our coil and plenty of questions but I 
think i'll just lurk here for a few days. With the quality of this 
list i'll probably have all the info I need in a few days!

You can check my WWW page for some images and video clips of our 
coil. See the tagline on this message for the URL.

It's not impressive compared to the coils described here so please
don't laugh too hard... I'm still at the stage where I get a kick
from turning on flourescent lights with the coil switch instead of
the light switch :-)

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