RE: Solid State

Hello Alan, Malcom, All,

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| Date: 17 May 96 17:39:24 EDT
| From: Alan Sharp <100624.504-at-CompuServe.COM>
| To: Tesla List <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>
| Subject: Re: Solid State
| Pike asked about Solid State designs, I haven't been
| able to find much, a couple of low power projects
| on the net (through Bill Beatty's home page), Dyuane
| Bylands book. I've ended up designing my own -
| with excellent support from folks on the net. (Even so
| it was not a wise choice for my first electronics
| project in 15 years or so).
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I found the low power projects too but, like you, nothing else yet.

I've read through the TESLA logs back to October. I think I'll go
through and extract those dealing with solid state and edit them
for easier reading. It will take a while but I think it will be
helpful for me to see it all in one place. I'll ask about interest
in posting to the list or elsewhere when I'm done.

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| I looked at IGBT's but they are dear and the ones
| I saw were slower than FET's - I'll build my 1MW
| bridge as soon as they come down to a quid each.
| (Sorry thats one pound UK - it was Churchill who
| pointed out that the British and the Americans are
| united by a common ocean and divided by a common
| language.
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I've a better handle on the requirements than I did a few days
ago. I've found some IGBT's by International Rectifier and Harris
that look promising. Faster switching than the Toshiba monsters.
And they aren't that much more than a quid each.

I need to get complete data sheets rather than the summaries I
have now and do some analysis to see if they are as promising
as they look at first glance. I'll post for comments when I
have something definite.

Guess the biggest of the Toshiba widgets *would* be a bit over
1MW CW in an H-bridge configuration wouldn't it? Heh. And nearly
5MW pulsed. Preposterous. Hmmm.

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| Yup you will always for a long time to come get a
| longer spark from a spark gap. You can't match the
| peak power from a spark gap. But its still fun and there
| are advantages - you can run it indoors (with the windows
| open) very little interference to other appliciances.
| (no effect on tv and computer - only the phone picks
| up some noise). And you can get exciting results -
| Mark Barton reported 3 feet of electrical flame with
| his 10kw bride.
| ...
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Those are real advantages to me as well. We've just bought a
house and the monster arcs will have to wait for me to build
a shop which won't be for a while yet. I'm looking forward to
learning more about TCs and high power solid state switching
in the meantime.

I saw Mark's posting. It gives one something to shoot for
doesn't it?

Think I'll go downstairs and have a coffee. I'll post if I
happen to dig up some good stuff on solid state coils.

Regards to all,
Pike Green, Research Engineer
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tennessee Tech University