Re: Questions

At 10:14 PM 5/3/96 -0600, Steven Roys wrote:

>About how much copper is actually in a 100lb, 1.5kVA potential 
>transformer?  I was at a surplus auction the other day and someone outbid 
>me for a bunch of current transformers. When I asked what he was going to 
>do with them,  he said he was going to burn them to get the scrap 
>copper.  Given this horrifying turn of events, I would like to see what I 
>might be up against with the "scrappers" if they ever have any potential 
>transformers.  I would think most of the weight is in the iron core, but 
>I just don't know.
>Steven Roys

Steven, I recently tore down a bad 10 kva pole pig which weighed about 150
pounds and and got exactly 28 pounds of copper which equated into $25.20.

So, yeah, most of the weight is iron.