Tesla's Patents

Nikola Tesla, edited by Jim Glenn; 1994, ISBN 1-56619-266-8,
Barnes & Nobel, paperback, 535 pp, $14.98 (plus a couple of bucks
shipping and handling in the U.S.), Barnes & Nobel item # 1903210 
The title says "THE COMPLETE PATENTS", but Tesla, fluent in at
least five languages, had dozens of additional patents approved
in countries outside the U.S.; however, all one hundred and
twelve U.S. patents are reproduced in their entirety. I should
stop and note the excellent quality of this edition. The text
from the original patents has been completely reset in new type
for this edition, and all paragraphs are numbered to match the
originals. In addition, all of the schematics and wiring dia-
grams are faithfully reproduced. This book is not to be compared
with the murky second generation photocopies that were sold for
years at $40.00 per set and contained many illegible sections. 

Barnes & Nobel Booksellers, 126 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011
Tel: 1-800-242-6657. I list them because they have really been
increasing their number of Tesla titles. In addition to: THE
COMPLETE PATENTS, and a couple of other books I have reviewed
reviewed, they also have a video tape: NIKOLA TESLA: THE GENIUS
WHO LIT THE WORLD, that takes the viewer inside the Tesla museum
in Belgrad, Yugoslavia before the recent civil war. Some of
Tesla's handmade exhibition equipment was still operational, and
his original demonstrations were reproduced for the video. 

Richard Quick

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