Re: Invisible coilers-at-Dayton

I too was at Dayton, wearing my "Tesla" badge, and didn't see anyone else
wearing one.  I did get comments from 3 people about my badge, one asking if
I belonged to a rock music group (I guess there is such a group).

I too brought home a few items including a large capacitor, 20 amp variac,
and sunburn.

I also saw a few fairly nice "quack medical" devices (somewhat high-priced),
a not-so-old Wimshurst machine ($350), and a couple of old, fair condition
induction coils (somewhat high-priced).

Also bought a modern Crookes radiometer ($4).  It's kind of interesting to
apply a high frequency, high voltage, low current dishcharge to the outside
of the radiometer (I'd guess a Tesla coil field might do also).  The inside
of the bulb glows blue, and if done properly, the vanes will turn slowly.

(Sorry, I know these last few lines have more to do with "High Voltage".)