Re: Capacitor test results

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>Hi Ed and others,
>                  I'm delighted to hear that the cap is OK. I'd love
>to examine your machine at first hand. You say things died after 
>changing a primary tap? Perhaps there is something there. Perhaps 
>you may have an intermittent connection in the transformer, possibly
>on the mains side. Did the weak discharge you got in the gaps look 
>like it had a capacitor behind it?


Thanks for the reply.  When the system was working correctly, even at low
power, the gaps were firing hot and loud.  I was getting a few feet of spark
off the secondary.  When the system died, the gaps would hardly fire.  Very
intermittent and definately not hot, no power and little current.  It either
sounded like the capacitor went to about 1/10 its normal value or the high
voltage dropped way down.

The sliding tap wire is made from battery cable wire.  I have checked all the
wiring and connections three times.  I'm really at a loss here.

Ed Sonderman