Re: Portable 10kW powersupply.

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>>Subject: Portable 10kW powersupply.
>>Hello all,
>>I recently acquired a 10kW 1-phase Ac-generator (150kg mass) and I am
>>planning to run it with a diesel engine. Has anyone any experience about
>>the control one needs to alterate the carburetor setting as a function of
>>power output from the generator? How do they do this in aggregates?
>	all the small 5-10Kw alternators that I've seen (not that
>many) use a solenoid in series with the output to pull the carburetor
>butterfly valve open.
>	cheers,
>	jim

What the solenoid is for is to kick in the engine when using the Auto-idle
feature found on most newer alternators. The govenor is what keeps the
engine running at constant speed depending on the load.


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