Re: Rotary Spark Gap Design

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>Just think radio, backwards.  We wish to do the most ruinous thing to an 
>RF radiative signal at all times.  All the power to total loss, in air, 
>at the end of the antenna with not so much as a pico-watt of radiative 
>energy leaving the vacinity. (ideal Tesla coil)
	I've watched my Radio Shack VSWR/Relative Power meter while
running my TC. (was 15kV 60mA neon, 16nF cap ...) As I increased the
voltage to my neon the relative field strength increased up to about
3.0. The INSTANT sparks broke out, the meter dropped to 1 or 1.1 (1 is
the zero point on a SWR bridge)

At this point most of the energy is now being converted into heat,
light and sound, instead of just rattling the aether.

I've also noted that I can read the RF field strength with my Simpson
760 VOM on AC. About 3 V pp and then drops. I  would guess that any
VOM or tube based Volt meter would work. Don't try this with a fancy
transistor, fet, or digital meter, several people have smoked them
just by having them in the same area!