Capacitor location

On my most recent post regarding some problem with my system, I forgot to
discuss the issue of capacitor location.  Once again, I moved the capacitor
and gaps up in the roll around cart to shorten the length of the
interconnections.  I was wondering if I got the capacitor too close to the
primary and would welcome comments on this.

The primary is made of 3/8" copper tubing wound in a saucer shape at 30
degrees inclination.  The capacitor is mounted horizontally under the
primary.   The distance from the lowest (inside) turn  to the center of the
capacitor is 13".  The capacitor is mounted in a wooden cradle that sits on
the top of the rotary gap enclosure.  The distance from the center of the
capacitor to the center of the rotary where the fixed electrodes are is  10".

Does anyone see any problems with this?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman