Re: Primary Coil strike rings

Hi Chip,

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Tesla List wrote:

RE: reasons for loop.

Yes, I agree with the theory of operation and design of the loop. 
I had my own theories behind the loop which turned out practically the 
same as yours. 

My only last query is, the gap between the ends of the loop, should that 
be atleast twice the distance for an arc to cross air, that occurs in the 
primary? ie, if there's 10,000V in the primary, should that gap be 
atleast 2 inches, or doesn't that really matter?
I guess providing that there isn't a break-down spark occuring in the 
ring gap (which is quite unlikely anyway), then everything is ok!?

Thanks for your help with the information Chip, has been most useful to 
me! :-)



[ I put about 1/4" (.5 cm) gap between the ends of the loop.  It looked 
like a reasonable value.  I only get a spark from one end to the other
when I get a strike from the secondary.  I ground this loop to the RF