RE: Solid State

Hello Alan and all,

| Date: 21 May 96 15:28:57 EDT
| From: Alan Sharp <100624.504-at-CompuServe.COM>
| To: Tesla List <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>
| Subject: Re: Solid State

| Current limiting is still a pain, comes on too soon despite lowering
| the resitance to 0.03 ohm (30A peak) seems to turn on at about
| the same point regardless of the output transformer ratio - time to
| experiment with a current transformer and tighten up the layout.
| But if I'm doing all that I may as well go for a half bridge at the
| same time.

I'd be interested in knowing more about what sort of current
limiting arrangement you're using.

| Pike wrote
|>I've found some IGBT's by International Rectifier and Harris
|>that look promising. Faster switching than the Toshiba monsters.
|>And they aren't that much more than a quid each.
| What are the type numbers? Harris have a lot of their sheets
| on the net.

Unfortunately, I left my bookbag with my notes and data sheets at
work this afternoon. I'd really like to narrow the field some more
so you and the others who have more experience with solid state TCs
can concentrate on evaluating a few of the best. I'll do my best to
post something useful by this weekend.

| Pike wrote:
|>I've read through the TESLA logs back to October. I think I'll go
|>through and extract those dealing with solid state and edit them
|>for easier reading. It will take a while but I think it will be
|>helpful for me to see it all in one place. I'll ask about interest
|>in posting to the list or elsewhere when I'm done.
| I've had a lot of good answers - I've saved them. I tried to
| copy them into a single file with a view to editing them and
| posting them to you however compuserve filing cabinet puts a
| control Z at the top of each file - bummer. I could zip them
| and send them to you as is though.

Great! Please do. The logs only go back to October. I'll send my
edited version back to you for a critique.


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