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>>From JParisse-at-DDLabs-dot-comTue May 28 21:44:25 1996
> I know there has been a lot of discussion 
>regarding choke coils and I'm wondering if someone could guide me in 
>building a pair of appropriate chokes. I have limited space for the 
>chokes. If I use air core chokes, I can only accommodate a 2 dia. x 8 
>coil form.
RFI chokes between the TC primary and the HV secondary?

RWS has had good luck with 120mH of air core inductors (until this

I've blown a neon with an LC filter of 4mH and 450pF. Since then I've
added a 2.5K 100W series resistor between my HV secondary and the RFI
choke. Then changed to a pole pig and blew both my RFI caps and my
main cap;( You may want to listen to what I say and then not do it;(

 Malcolm is using resistors in series? with both the inductor and the
RFI filter cap to critically damp the LC resonance.( 1 resistor in
series with the cap, I'm not sure if the other resistor is in series
or parallel with the inductor) This weekend he smoked his secondary
and part? of his cap.

Ed, smoked something. He thought it was his CP cap, but they say no.

Is there anyone out there that is actively fireing and hasn't blown
something? RQ and RH not included, they've been there/done that more
than the rest of us combined;)

>P.S. What's better for Tesla service 10kV-at-.3A or 9kV-at-.4?
	Take your capacitor C, spark gap firing voltage V, spark gap
firing rate BPS and given:

	1/2 * C * V^2 * BPS = watts,

 which value matches more closely?

Also, I would strongly recommend putting your transformers in oil if
they have open to the air windings.  The oil will greatly increase
their breakdown voltage/ survivability.