Hi all,
Last week end, I bought some of what I thought were neon transformers. The 
only markings on them were "mains" stamped beside a terminal block and 
"Lamp" beside each of two ceramic insulators.  I only paid $5 each so I was 
willing to risk it. The only problem is, the one I tested only puts out 900 
odd volts.

Firstly, is it likely that they are breaking down internally or is 900 V a 
typical running voltage for some lamp I'm not aware of?
I've frozen one and broken it out of the pitch. It is currently sitting in a 
bucket of diesel. It  has definate internal tracking  problems with a HV 
winding to mains resistance of about 23 M.

Secondly, if the boxes tey are in are 8" long by 4" square, what sort of 
power output are they likely to be capable of? How big is a typical 900 VA 

Thanks in advance,
Nick Baroni.