Re: Bombarder xfmr

Subject:     Re: Bombarder xfmr
      Date:  Thu, 05 Jun 1997 04:23:22 GMT
      From:  jim.fosse-at-bjt-dot-net (Jim Fosse)
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>Subject:     Bombarder xfmr
>      Date:  Mon, 02 Jun 1997 11:05:08 -0400
>      From:  "Kevin M. Conkey" <teslacoil-at-mindspring-dot-com>
>        To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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>I just acquired a bombarder xfmr and variable choke from a neon shop
>that went out of business. It is rated at an output of 30 kV -at- 250 MA,
>7.5 KW. It is a large open air design with 2 separate windings over the
>primary. For $200!
Drool, envy! If you can move it without "busting your gut" then it's a
grand buy.

>I am wondering, is anyone out there familiar with these things that
>could tell me how much overload capability these have and
>how much abuse can they take?
>How do they compare with a pole pig and neons?

For mild over power use: if it doesn't smell, it's OK. For longer term
use: if you can hold your hand on it for 3 seconds (power off please;)
it's ok. (engineers, unless you have specific info on THIS xformer, or
a better rule of thumb, keep the flames to yourself)

As for robustness: look at your transformer, go outside and look up at
the nearest power pole with a pig on it, which is much larger? My pig
has ~2" of oil insulation between it's transformer and the case. The
case is 14" in diameter and 24" high, it must weigh a couple of
hundred pounds.  This oil bath both insulates it against 100kV+
transients and helps cool the core during sustained overpower
conditions of say 20kVA+ level.

Your transformer should be able to handle short term power overloads
without a problem. It will not be anywhere near as robust toward
secondary overvoltage conditions as a "pig in oil" would be.  Of
course, you can cure both of those by dunking it in oil.

If it were mine, I'd build a container to hold it, and dunk it in oil.
cheep insurance.