stacked plate capacitor

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Subject: 	 stacked plate capacitor

> From: Sulaiman Abdullah <sulabd-at-hotmail-dot-com>
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> Date: Saturday, September 20, 1997 5:29 AM
> Hi,
> I'm a beginner at TC work but have a good elec-eng background.
> I'm currently building a flat-plate primary capacitor, I paid quite a 
> bit of money for PE sheet as dielectric - to be used in oil.
> During construction I realised the approach you are considering, 
> personally I believe that it should be a lot more cost-effective.
> I'm considering using a cheap plastic "grid" which is a green plastic 
> fence material (unknown composition but as PE and PP are the cheapest 
> and best for dielectric after PTFE should be OK)
> I think that ferrous materials are not good as i) they will rust 
> eventually and ii) they will give the capacitor undesirable 
> self-inductance.
> Like I said I've not tried yet, just a thought.
> bye ... Sulaiman
	Sulaiman,  I was wondering if rusting is really a problem if the plates
are in oil?  I imagine that it could eventually rust if the plates were in
contact with water, but all the water /moisture should stay on the bottom. 
I am using 24 gauge galvanized steel so that would also help to protect the
plates over the long haul.  I wasn't aware that ferrous metals could be a
problem.  Thanks for your input,  Mike Hoffman            
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> >Subject: 	stacked plate capacitor
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> >Hello all,
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> >I was thinking about building a stacked plate capacitor using oil as 
> the
> >dielectric and completely eliminating the polyethylene.  This should 
> make
> >the cap more bulletproof as to overvoltage conditions.  Has anyone ever
> >used galvanized steel cut into squares to construct one of these?  
> Also, is
> >it better  to go with larger plates with a wider gap between them or
> >smaller plates with a closer gap?  Any comments would be greatly
> >appreciated.
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> >								Thanks, Mike H.
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