DIY Ball Lightning

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>I'll have to look into this. People have been producing things they call
>"plasmoids" in microwave ovens using candles, but I don't have a large
>enough microwave with which to try this.  Unfortunately, I gave away a
>750W beat-up microwave oven that I had earmarked for experiments.  I
>will be on the lookout for another one, however.

I'm not convinced the plasmoid  phenomenon is anything more than a
carbon arc, occurring when 2 pieces of carbon form a dipole. A dish
with several pea-sized pieces of coke (the black variety, not the
white stuff:-), or broken carbon rods from a battery work very well.
You sometimes observe 'flares' rising from the arc, but my guess is
this is just the efffect oif the airflow from the oven fan. 
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