McMaster Carr Mica Sheets

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Sent:  Friday, April 03, 1998 6:28 AM
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Subject:  Re: McMaster Carr Mica Sheets

    It is indeed reconstituted mica.   I have not tested it in service
yet(this weekend hopefully).  I hope the binder in low loss, but will find
out.  An interesting note:  the sheets seem to become more flexible and
tougher once in contact with the mineral oil.  I seems a little brittle until
then.    I am going to test it on my little coil(4inch diam, 600 turns of
24g).  My neon for this will be my 12kV 30 ma.  I know this won't provide the
real test of it, but I don't want to dissassemble my working coil until it
passes this test first.