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>> Jim, Rich, all,
>>      I just wanted to add that thorium is relatively harmless UNLESS YOU
>> BREATHE THE DUST.  The alpha radiation is blocked by a few inches of air
>> because it is so reactive (a helium ion deficient in two electrons = very
>> ionizing).  If you happen to breathe even a little of the dust, this
>> ionization occurs in lung tissue and becomes extremely damaging.  At 2%
>> thorium,  these rods will send the typical geiger-mueller counter off the
>> scale. 
>Interestingly, I put an unused  2% thoriated electrode next to my GM
>counter's alpha window and got NO increase in count rate. Perhaps the
>electrode is plated with tungsten ( a mighty good alpha blocker) or even a
>film of oil or plastic? Next I'll go look at the grinding wheel the welders
>have been using to grind the electrodes...

Thoriated rod is not very radioactive at all!!!

I have 100% elemental throium on hand in rod and sheet it is moderately hot,
but the 2% rod is vitually dead. 

Richard Hull, TCBOR