VSWR and magnifiers

From:  Greg Leyh [SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
Sent:  Friday, April 03, 1998 3:03 PM
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Subject:  Re: VSWR and magnifiers

>     I am currently running a 3 KW magnifier and getting 5-6 foot arcs.  I
> remember from Corums book I think that the additional voltage gain comes
> from the VSWR in the resonator.  Is this correct?

VSWR is not applicable to TC's or magnifiers, as they 
do not exhibit standing waves to any significant degree,
especially after a top load has been added. 
Models of Tesla Coils that treat the TC as a simple 
lumped-element resonant transformer turn out to be far 
more accurate than the antenna theory models.

The additional voltage gain is simply due to the resonant 
rise that a standard series LC circuit exhibits at resonance.