Cutting Tungsten (fwd)

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> Thoriated rod is not very radioactive at all!!!
> I have 100% elemental throium on hand in rod and sheet it is moderately
> but the 2% rod is vitually dead. 
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Why might that be? For a solid Th rod, I would expect that you are only
going to see disintegrations from the surface (any alpha inside would get
stopped by the metal between the inside and the outside). So, considering
the surface, you should get 1/50th the number of counts for the 2% rod. How
many counts/min do you get off the pure Th? if it is down in the 30-40 cpm
range, then we're only looking at less than a count per minute extra over
background for the 2%, in which case, it would take a long exposure to see
the difference.