VSWR and magnifiers

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  All -

  There is a graph of VSWR vs Reflected Volts in the JHCTES Tesla Coil
Notebook showing the difference between Radio and Tesla coil VSWR. This is
apparently the only graph of this type available.

  John Couture


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>dwight duncan wrote:
>>     I am currently running a 3 KW magnifier and getting 5-6 foot arcs.  I
>> remember from Corums book I think that the additional voltage gain comes
>> from the VSWR in the resonator.  Is this correct?
>For a CW system, yes, as VSWR works as the Q of a lumped LC resonator.
>For a capacitor-discharge system, the VSWR works only as a measure of the
>losses in the resonator (as Q again). The higher, the better, but not much 
>is gained after some point.
>I don't see physical reasons for any additional voltage gain based on 
>transmission line behavior of the resonator, when compared with lumped
>LC behavior. Some experimental evidence?
>Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz