Seeking Advanced Spark Gap Information

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Subject:  Re: Seeking Advanced Spark Gap Information

Hi Terry,
           I have a copy of Sargent and Dollinger's High Power 
Electronics which gives a pretty good picture of gap breakdown 
characteristics. Anything in particular you'd like me to look up?
I know from scoping that some amazing transients are generated by 


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> Subject:  Seeking Advanced Spark Gap Information
> Hi all,
>         I have been examining the voltage and current waveforms across a
> spark gap with an advanced 30MHz bandwidth fiber-optic probe system.  What I
> see is amazing!!  Honestly, I don't believe it.  I will elaborate more when
> I know this is real.       
>         I am seeking any information from any one who may have connected a
> spectrum analyzer to an antenna near a coil or who has any knowledge of very
> powerful high frequency signals being generated by Tesla coils.  These
> signals would be at a fairly constant frequency in the 10-100MHz range and
> would be pulsed in sync with the gap firing.  They would probably be more
> powerful than the fundamental frequency signals and may appear as a set if
> Fourier spikes on an analyzer.
>         Also, anyone who has advanced knowledge of how the spark in the gap
> is generated and maintained during the firing cycle please let me know and
> I'll bounce this off you to see what you think.  
>         I may be seeing something that is not real and I am looking for
> independent information that would confirm what I see.  If it is real, this
> whole spark gap business just got much more complex!
> Thanks and I'll explain more when I know I haven't goofed. :-) 
>         Terry
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> or
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