Cutting Tungsten ( thorium ? ]

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>> I have 100% elemental throium on hand in rod and sheet it is moderately
>> but the 2% rod is vitually dead. 
>> Richard Hull, TCBOR
>Why might that be? For a solid Th rod, I would expect that you are only
>going to see disintegrations from the surface (any alpha inside would get
>stopped by the metal between the inside and the outside). So, considering
>the surface, you should get 1/50th the number of counts for the 2% rod. How
>many counts/min do you get off the pure Th? if it is down in the 30-40 cpm
>range, then we're only looking at less than a count per minute extra over
>background for the 2%, in which case, it would take a long exposure to see
>the difference.

Count varies with surface area but it is over 5,000 counts per minute on the
pure stuff with 1 square inch of pure foil.  2% small rod is so close to
background it isn't worth talking about!

R. Hull